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During the 1920’s, as the world is beginning to recover after World War I, the protagonist lives in a town in southern Italy known as Burlone. The area is controlled by three criminal organizations commonly knows as the Burlone Mafia. Our protagonist, living peacefully in the city finds herself unexpectedly dependent on one of the families.



One of the five areas of Burlone, it is a district controlled by the Falzone Family. With the largest private properties, Falce’s townscape is lined up elegantly and systematically. One of the oldest districts boasting a large number of citizens, it is largely occupied by supporters of the Falzone Family.



One of the five districts of Burlone, it is controlled by the Visconti Family. Being the second largest district only to Falce, the bustling streets are lined endlessly with shops, making it the liveliest district with the most commercial activity. Many tourists are seen throughout the district.



Controlled by the Lao-Shu: a sub-organization of the Chinese mafia “Liu Huang Hui”. Despite being smaller than the other districts, the population is high. Residents are comprised of mostly an ever-growing Chinese immigrant population. There is no order, and Burlone citizens avoid this area as much as possible.



In this neutral zone, all conflicts and disputes between mafia families are strictly forbidden. Many public institutions are located in this area.



Falzone Family

The Falzone Family gained control of the Burlone area before the word “Mafia” even came into existence. The head of the Falzone Family is designated as the Boss. Due to the enforcement of the Jus Sanguinis Principle, only those with Italian blood can be members. To maintain tradition and social standing, importance is placed on upholding this principle above all else.


Visconti Family

Founded by the people who openly oppose the value placed on hereditary sucession and Italian exclusiveness by the Falzone Family, it is a newly created family without much history yet. Without any regard for nationality or heritage, anyone can be appointed to a position based on merit. An openly liberal organization that doesn’t value traditional customs.



Recently established community due to the increasing Chinese population in Burlone. Rumors of an organization operating in the shadows had been circulating about, but due to Yang’s rise to prominence it is now evident that this group is part of the Chinese mafia “Liu Huang Hui”. Out of the Burlone Mafia groups they are the most vicious and dangerous.


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